Expanding Future Opportunities For Local Professionals By Creating a Forum For Networking Across The Life And Health Sciences Universe

New York City Chapter


NYBPNG frequently partners with biopharma, technology, and recruiting companies, as well as, other networking organizations and universities/colleges across the Northeast region to produce high quality networking meetings, trainings, and conferences with keynote speakers and subject matter experts.
Since its launch in September 2013, NYBPNG membership has grown significantly to over 3,000 members on LinkedIn.  The diverse expertise among NYBPNG members cover the full spectrum in life sciences, including Science/R & D/Academia, Sales/Marketing/Services, Corporate/Management/Legal/IT and Recruiters/Staffing/HR.
NYBPNG has also served as the inspiration for rapid establishment and expansion of other regional chapters, including MABPNG, NCBPNG. MOBPNG, INBPNG, and TOBPNG (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).